Monday, October 18, 2010

So confusing

you know what?
my mom always tell me to study study study
die die also must get all A's
when i ask her back...
study for what?
got all A's so what?
she will answer me to have a better future bla bla bla
I'm kinda speechless and just think study hard can really earn that much?
she is doing some business...
when I'm studying(not really concentrate)
she will just suddenly keep bothering me...
come down...
and keep asking me some of her problems...
about some money stuff sry it's p&c
the figure is not small XD
this always makes me feel like study hard get a better job like maybe >5k/mth
so what?It's just not ENOUGH for me...
and eventually ruined my mood to study hard...
sigh life is so confusing that's why i always think that LIVE LIVE TO THE FULLEST as you can~
some more now she has some investment plan and keep calling me to find time listen...
It will really distract me Oh LORD from studying...
I'd like to declare
not to say i don't want to or don't have to study...
it's part and parcel of life as well..
u will gain knowledge unconsciously..
u learned lessons from there..
I wan to ask
Are you confused sometimes?or maybe often?
If u know what you really want
Is that the life you really want to live?
And where's the fun of life if you really did...
So confusing LOL

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Work Out

stupid blogger or google chrome made me rewrite whole thing again!WTF!
basically I'm just saying that recently my body is kinda out of shape LOL
I used to go to gym work out but now very seldom due to noob A2 Zzz...
waste time drive to gym
waste my unnecessary energy
Still,I have to work out regardless exam is coming real sooonnnn...
actually I've found some of work out videos in YOUTUBE!
It's effective and time saving!(for some lazy ass like me =p )
no matter how lazy you are...consistency is a must as well!
well I'd like to share some of these videos ( :
the most sexy part that women think about men
this is the level 1 8 min abs work out!

(8 mins u think is short but can you really complete this whole work out perfectly?)
It's hard core but still i think...EFFECTIVE!

well,now you can try chest work out!(I've just found this and tried recently)
Do them all in the right way & no cheating (if not all are just useless)

Hmm,if you can master the level 1 8mins abs work out..
Give a shot for the level 2!
Do more and lesser time for recovery!

Dare to challenge?!

you still can find a lot of work out videos in youtube
hell lot of techniques you can learn from there(personal trainer is just for lazy people,are you?)
but i would like to declare no matter how much techniques you know how enthusiast you are(initially)
You must have the HEART!
If u want your body to be hot XD

p/s:kv mc get it?the heart~no excuses...

Friday, October 15, 2010


i found something quite interesting
for me la...

1)key-in the first 3 digit of your handphone number (not the 01x
into the calculator
2) multiply by 80
3) add 1
4) multiply by 250
5) plus last four digit of phone number
6) plus last four digit of phone number again
7) minus 250
8) divide by 2 at last

Is it your handphone number????



In this planet
there are tremendous things to explore
there are infinity experience you can gain
I like to gain experience
that's why i go for the interview
to be honest i didn't prepare really well
i didn't sleep the day before
i don't expect to get it
the first interview i passed(getting interesting & excited)
go for the skin complexion check up
wtf,i have no idea why i failed...(have to alter my skin)
nvm i still gain experience = )

-that's why i like to travel
randomly i will just go to anywhere any places
i went to perak with my friend
my best friend ever-mr.BRENDON YONG
i learned
LIFE can be so wonderful fantastic
that u can't learn them in text books whatever
i really hope i can go travel by myself around the world

-that's why i go for it
just went for a movie ALONE
LOL reign of assassin
never try before movie alone
I'd like to know how's the feeling
I always said it ,eventually i have tried it...
now,future I'll continue to gain more more experience

U must have the guts to do anything u like
but u must bear every consequence u did
gonna be dreadful sometimes thou
u feel like killing ppl n not afraid to be caught
just go ahead...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Go? or Don't go? Doubt

yesterday had a lot of things to write down...
but lazy then now barely can remember ==
maybe no mood...
not maybe maybe...
U just ruined my mood
N screwed up things

everyday i can hear
DIE DIE ALSO MUST GET A's(not one only)
these's like in movies they repeat what others words...
i can do that as well...

i'm still doubting...
air steward
wanna go for it?or not?
try out?but if try i sure go for it dy...
go?don't go?
any comment?

stunned...dunno what to type neemore...

Saturday, September 25, 2010


well,my hare-brained mom wrote a DO's & DON'T 's CONTRACT!
lazy to list them out
i can only tell
that u can't imagine
No feelings neemore i think since i'm used to it
the way she talks bla bla bla...

damn,today forgot to take my medicine back to my home!
it's getting better but now come out again WTFFTW!
well is my skin---rasheszzZZzzz...
and i hope that my blood test won't get any problems or disease,especially the rare ones!OMG FGS!


neeway,i did a prank call to someone today HAHAHAHA!

p/s i not yet sign the stupid contract = )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Club can't even handle me right now

yesterday went club...
a lot of frens there...
but still kinda boring without you...
luckily kv gan neo is still there...
-the voice so loud
-dance floor so packed
-the DJ is GOOD

on diet now!
progressing not bad = )
dyed my hair
kinda like it ( :
damn rashes!(no idea what's the cause still...FGS!)

p/s Happy Birthday to one of THO bro-Nikkie Khoo