Monday, October 18, 2010

So confusing

you know what?
my mom always tell me to study study study
die die also must get all A's
when i ask her back...
study for what?
got all A's so what?
she will answer me to have a better future bla bla bla
I'm kinda speechless and just think study hard can really earn that much?
she is doing some business...
when I'm studying(not really concentrate)
she will just suddenly keep bothering me...
come down...
and keep asking me some of her problems...
about some money stuff sry it's p&c
the figure is not small XD
this always makes me feel like study hard get a better job like maybe >5k/mth
so what?It's just not ENOUGH for me...
and eventually ruined my mood to study hard...
sigh life is so confusing that's why i always think that LIVE LIVE TO THE FULLEST as you can~
some more now she has some investment plan and keep calling me to find time listen...
It will really distract me Oh LORD from studying...
I'd like to declare
not to say i don't want to or don't have to study...
it's part and parcel of life as well..
u will gain knowledge unconsciously..
u learned lessons from there..
I wan to ask
Are you confused sometimes?or maybe often?
If u know what you really want
Is that the life you really want to live?
And where's the fun of life if you really did...
So confusing LOL

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